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  • q:What is free service?

    a: Replacement of consumable like Engine oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Brake Fluid, TQ Oil, Transmission oil chargeable without Labor (Not Chargeable).

  • q: What are the services covered under free service?

    a:Vehicle general check up, replacement of consumables like Engine oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Brake Fluid, TQ Oil, Transmission oil on chargeable basis.

  • q: Is consumable covered under free service?


  • q: What is warranty Policy?

    a:Warranty Policy of each model is provided in owner’s manual.

  • q: What are the parts covered under warranty?

    a:All parts expect rubber, wear & tears parts, consumables not covered under warranty.

  • q: Whether consumable are covered under warranty?


  • q: What is cashless facility in body shop?

    a:In cashless facility customer pays only his part of liability and takes the vehicle workshop without bothering of the insurance company liabilities of repair.

  • q: What is zero dep policy?

    a:Policy in which liability of insurer is not calculated as per the following criteria’s. (a) As per the age of the vehicle. (b) 50% depreciation on plastic parts from day one of vehicle sale. (c) 12.5% Depreciation on painting material used. (d) Depreciation on metal parts starting from 5% to 50% according to the age of the vehicle. (e) Consumables (f) Salvage (g) Access Clause

  • q: What is paid by the customer under zero depreciation policy?

    a:Access Clause, Consumables, Salvage.

  • q: What is TMI?


  • q: Which are the insurance companies in TMI?

    a:1- New India Assurance Company Limited 2- National Insurance Company Limited 3- Oriental Insurance Company Limited

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